The new Apple Magic Keyboard showcases a redesigned functionality that will provide users with enhanced peace of mind when it comes to their security and more. The keyboard is outfitted with a Touch ID biometric fingerprint scanner that will communicate directly with the M1 chip in the company’s latest computers to ensure an encrypted level of authentication.



This creates an encrypted channel to protect your fingerprint. Moreover, the Apple Redesigned Magic Keyboard lets you quickly and securely make a purchase with Apple Pay at the touch of a button. And you can even download apps at the tap of a button to maximize productivity.



The new Apple Magic Keyboard also features a series of quick-tap buttons that will enable users to quickly access Dictation, Spotlight, Do Not Disturb, and even emojis. The peripheral will be available soon with the new 24-inch iMac and will feature compatibility with any Mac that has an M1 chip.



Apple has been shipping MacBooks with built-in Touch ID for a while now, but this is the first time it’s been available in an accessory. The biometric security method can be used for logging into the device, as well as authorizing purchases and signing into some third-party apps. The new Touch ID keyboard is available with a compact layout, as well as a full-size keyboard with a numpad.

According to The Verge