Created by Munich-based product designer Lukas Heintschel, the Neozoon consists of an aerospace-grade aluminum body that houses the electronics, a 3D-printed polyamide handle, and a translucent medical-grade silicone suction cup.



To use it, you pretty much just stick it to a flat, smooth surface, then press its power button to turn it on. Neozoon also features state of the art USB-C charging technology and LED charging indicators.



Its LEDs put out a combined 180 lumens at the maximum output level, in a warm color temperature of 2,500 degrees Kelvin. At that level, its 2,400-mAh/3.7V lithium-polymer battery should provide about six hours of lighting per three-hour USB charge.


That said, users can dim it to a lower output simply by holding their finger on the power button. At its lowest intensity, it should run for approximately 12 hours per charge.



According to Heintschel, the Neozoon sticks best to surfaces such as glass and steel, potentially staying attached vertically or horizontally for months at a time – it can be removed by hooking a fingernail beneath the edge of its suction cup, and pulling. If it does fall off prematurely, its impact-resistant construction should help protect it from damage.



With an innovative, versatile design, this gadget boldly rethinks contemporary lighting. Giving you unlimited freedom, this lamp lets you create bright moments wherever you go.

According to New Atlas