The Playpulse ONE indoor gaming bike is here to make working out fun while still challenging your body. It integrates games and streaming services into the bike to turn fitness into fun and games.

While the resulting Playpulse One may look like a traditional exercise bike at first glance, it incorporates dual haptic-feedback gaming controllers in its handlebars.


Working in conjunction with a pedalling cadence sensor and bar-integrated heart rate sensors, these allow users to play a variety of system-specific video games on the 24-inch touchscreen display. The faster they pedal, the faster they move through the gaming environment.



With Playpulse STUDIO, you can set your own goals, choose from a variety of workouts, and track your progress. Alternatively, use your workout time as an opportunity to disconnect with ONE’s 24″ touchscreen that provides access to the most popular streaming services.



All the while, this indoor gaming bike reminds you to keep the pedals going. Watch the calories burn away and love the process. Riders can play on their own, or with/against other Playpulse users online.

According to The Gadgetflow