The Kaiun Soyo Bed Air Conditioning Unit is a hyper-localized piece of cooling equipment that will enable sleepers to stay cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. The air conditioner functions as a body pillow and can be hugged in an array of manners throughout the night to offer targeted cooling relief when the temperature rises.


The Kaiun Soyo Bed Air Conditioning Unit is capable of moving 3,000 liters of air to effectively push out the heat and humidity that can become trapped in the bedsheets when trying to see in warm summer temperatures.

It has 3 air flow levels to keep you comfortable as you lie in bed. It has a timer that turns the device off after 6 hours. This bed AC unit has max load capacity of 90kg.


The Kaiun Soyo Bed Air Conditioning Unit doesn’t even need setting up: you just put in its fans and plug it into the nearest power outlet. Then you pick one of the three air-flow levels, lay it on the bed, and position it any way you feel comfortable. Forget regular air conditioning and fans: this is the way to have a really cool sleep!



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