The patterns range from actual scans of forest floors to pebbled creeks, giving your feet something more than just a carpet or a hardwood floor to stand on. Coupled with a nifty balance-beam running right down the center of the Stoic, the mat offers much more than what your regular exercise or yoga-mat does.



While giving you a dedicated space to work out or meditate, the Stoic actively helps strengthen the muscles and joints in your feet. It stimulates the nerve endings on the bottom with its soft 3D-textures, and helps release chemicals in the brain that help you stay focused and relaxed. Ultimately, it serves as a safer alternative to being outdoors by bringing nature’s grand designs to the comfort and safety of your home.



The Stoic mat was built to serve five broad uses – Motion, Balance, Fitness, Massage, and Strength. The base of the mat comes with removable uppers, letting you swap out the textured foam surfaces. The balance-board in the center comes with multiple swappable options, including a bamboo flat-board, a curved board, a ridged board for higher difficulty, and a fidget-board with a massage-ball fitted in.



Coupled with the Stoic app, which guides you through multiple exercises you can do on the mat, the entire setup’s built to give you the feeling of standing on natural land, while you either meditate, exercise, or even work.



Its swappable elements give it more than 50+ configurations to choose from. You could either use the Stoic mat to exercise/meditate on, using its undulating patterns and textures to stimulate your feet and present a slightly harder challenge than exercising on flat-ground, or you could just replace your sitting workplace for a standing one, with the Stoic underneath your feet.



Stoic’s nature-inspired 3D surfaces not only help you constantly correct and improve your own posture and increase your core strength, but its variety of foot-fidget toys also help you boost focus as you work, and give you something to further exercise your foot-muscles on.

According to Yanko Design