It is intended as a portable product with worldwide appeal, that challenges the conventions of how we perceive and consume digital media. In simple terms: Lantern is a adaptable throw projector that redefines and replaces conventional AV systems. In addition to normal projection, with ultra short throw projection;Lantern can be placed extremely close to a wall and still project an image above 70". Eliminating the need to facilitate a TV in physical space. 



In fact, this concept product features a rotary adjustment and angular tilt, meaning you can move its position to suit your viewing preferences. This feature allows you to adjust if you have guests over and makes it adaptable to various room sizes.


Furthermore, this adaptable throw projector is easy to use and connects with existing apps on your phone. Control it with your phone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0. Alternatively, you can even use a flash drive that plugs into the projector to access movies.



Homes are getting smaller, and this facilitates adaptable technology suited to the user. This is why mobile devices and on-demand content has become so popular, and. Lantern serves as a way of enabling this content in a sociable way. Overall, this gadget is a great home accessory for movie lovers.

According to The Gadgetflow