A yoga teacher in NYC, the co-founder Fiona witnessed her students avoiding knee pain by using mats, towels and blankets as padding during their practice. The padding had to be constantly repositioned, disrupting focus and flow. Fiona envisioned a yoga legging with built-in padding so that every yoga practice could be seamless and distraction-free. This was the inspiration for MAÄT 1.0 Legging. 



Designed with the fit and flexibility of wetsuit padding and the edgy aesthetic of motorcycle gear, the MAÄT 1.0 Legging with our patent-pending, innovative ribbed knee pad provides soft, supple padding with gentle compression so you can move through your workout without the distraction of pain or discomfort. 



Everything about the MAÄT 1.0 Legging is made to fit and flatter with the most comfortable, durable and body accentuating materials. MAÄT leggings are made in the USA, crafted with materials from top suppliers who all have a long-standing history of business success. The leggings are made to last.



When talking to people about the MAÄT 1.0 Legging, so many people told us stories of folding up a hotel towel to put under their knees while doing yoga, or working out without their yoga mat because it was too bulky to pack. Pack your MAÄT leggings and practice wherever you go – no more discomfort, no more distractions! 

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