This smart coffee maker features lots of little design details to make great coffee easier than ever, whether you’re traveling or at home. What’s more, its innovative brewing tech aims to solve some of the problems you’d find in other travel brewers, like uncontrolled agitation and dripping during brewing.



The key to the Delter Coffee Press’s design is its Jet-Seal – a silicone gasket that separates the coffee bed from the hot water until pressure is applied. The brewing plunger itself uses a one-way Y gasket which can hold water in reserve for multiple presses, as it only draws water down when the plunger is pulled up and seals again when the plunger is pushed down.



These two brewing mechanisms combine to allow you much greater control over your brewing. If you want to bloom your coffee, you can just press a small amount of water through the Jet-Seal, wait a few seconds, and then draw and press more water to fill up your cup. Brewing in multiple pulses like a pour-over cone is also possible, and of course, if you prefer to brew the whole plunger’s capacity in one stroke you can do that too!



Included with the Delter Coffee Press is a silicone cap which helps hold heat in, but also functions as a measuring scoop for about 12 g of whole beans. Graduations on the side of the cylinder also make it simple to eyeball your brews when you’re not packing a scale, making for easily repeatable cups with great flavor every time.


According to Prima Coffee Equipment