The GO FlyEase is essentially two sections of the trainer connected with a bi-stable hinge that keeps the shoe secure in a fully open and fully closed state, enabling the user to wear them without using their hands.


A signature feature of the trainers is the Nike GO FlyEase tensioner. The tensioner holds the bi-stable hinge securely in place and allows for any kind of movement such as kicking off a shoe as the basis of accessible and empowering design. The elevated kickstand heel aids the movement of pushing the shoes off using just your feet.



The shoe has two core innovations: a giant, incredibly resilient elastic band called the tensioner stretching around the entire shoe, and a hinge in front of the heel that has an “open” and “closed” posture. When weight presses down on the heel, the hinge locks closed, allowing the elastic band to keep the shoe on tight.



When taking the shoe off, you place a foot on the back of the other shoe’s heel kicker and pull your foot up. This “pops”’ the hinge open and allows you to slip your foot out. The hinge is a marvel in that it doesn’t pop open when you jump or take a step up (removing weight), a clear engineering and materials innovation.



This allows you to wear them all day every day without any discomfort. These trainers are an example of a process converted into product, where the shoe successfully mimics how many people already slide into shoes and kick them off, without necessarily tying and untying laces. Overall, this footwear’s design can make your life easier if you’re pregnant or can’t bend down to adjust your shoes.

According to Forbes, The Gadgetflow