Cakewalk 3D is a precise, effective and handy upgrade that converts your desktop 3D printer into a food printer. It enables you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen, producing detailed shapes in a few minutes which would take the best chef a couple hours to design.



More than just another paste extruder, Cakewalk 3D is an all-included box designed by a French pastry chef. Find everything you need to print out your vision: ingredients, silicone baking mat, food-safe extruder and detailed instructions to train yourself on your first 3D prints. You will quickly achieve amazing results.



What about designing fun shapes on your computer and 3D print them on crackers for an astonishing cocktail ? We provide you recipes and ingredients to succeed in your first prints, and let you be the inventor of new snacks.



Let’s face it, there’s no much fun in eating the leftovers. Now you can mash them and use Cakewalk 3d to turn them into savory snacks. A brocoli-based crocodile or a parsnip-carrot unicorn looks more appetizing for everyone. 



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