Gaza’s own supply of groundwater has been degraded by saltwater intrusion and contaminated by pollutants, and most available water is dangerous to drink – meaning many depend on imported bottled water.

A machine developed by an Israeli firm that can turn air into water using only the power of the sun is helping to bring much-needed drinking-water to the Gaza Strip, where a lack of rainfall and poor infrastructure is leading to a worsening water crisis.

After capturing humidity, the machine condenses it into water and filters it instantly to make it safe to drink. It is also powered by solar panels, an asset in Gaza where the electricity supply is often unreliable.

The technological solution involves water generators which function like dehumidifiers. These produce 5,000 to 6,000 litres of drinking water per day, depending on the air’s humidity, and can help anyone from remote rural village communities to private homes in the city.

Watergen, the Israeli firm behind the technology, has donated two machines, which cost $61,000 (€50,000) each, to Gaza. Watergen’s Russian-Israeli owner, Michael Mirilashvili, says the company’s goal is to help those in need of drinking water no matter where.



According to Euro news & France 24h