This bag security system incorporates a built-in camera that records everything within its 180-degree field of view. Plus, it’s easy to see the camera in the bag, which is often enough of a deterrent for thieves.



Protect your valuables with this built-in luggage camera, which has a shatterproof cover. Connected to an iOS and Android app, it live-streams video right to your phone, storing it in the cloud so you can play it back.


Designed with a USB port, it lets you charge on the go. Not only that, but it also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G, and LTE connectivity. It even has a 90-decibel alarm to scare people who try and move it. And its GPS tracker ensures you always know where it’s at.



The ‘BagCam’ luggage is a camera-equipped solution for avid travelers that will help them to enjoy enhanced peace of mind when making their way through the airport terminal and beyond.

According to The Gadgetflow