The bus is developed and designed by Hong Kong Kowloon Motor Bus company (KMB), which has passed the transport department inspection of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government while waiting for a patent application approval, according to The Standard on Tuesday.



The bus has installed 20 solar panels on the roof, each measuring one meter by 0.6 meter, to convert sunlight into electricity for a ventilation and cooling system that can lower the temperature by 5 to 10 C.



The novelty of the bus is that the ventilation and cooling system can continue to function when the bus's engine is off, according to the KMB.

"The absorbed energy is transformed into electricity to operate the air ventilation system, as well as providing electricity to the battery and allowing 20 phones to charge fully," Lo Chun-yi, KMB's executive said.



Lo said that they hope the system can power the wi-fi system on the bus in the future. The cost of such a system was not high and passengers would not have to pay additional fees.

According to chinadaily