The ‘hEating’ pizza warming placemat is a mealtime accessory for those looking to enhance their favorite recipes by keeping them warm from the first bite to the last. The placemat works with a heating coil hidden within that gets its power from an accompanying power bank to deliver heat at one of four levels to choose from. The placemat maintains a black bamboo stem surface that is designed to maintain a stylish finish and fit in well with any existing decor.



The ‘hEating’ pizza warming placemat comes with a metal dish that can be used for capturing and holding the heat with better efficiency. The placemat is designed for pizza, but shows promise with a wide range of fare to keep it at the perfect eating temperature for extended periods.



With a portable design, it can go anywhere to keep your food warm. Additionally, it’s easy to clean if food spills on it. Finally, the hEating isn’t only for pizza, it’ll keep any food warm!



According to The Gadgetflow, Trend Hunter