In conceptualizing Adsorb, Wenjie Zheng hoped to swap out the conventional power bank’s heavyweight and large size for a much slimmer power bank that attaches to the back of your smartphone, requiring no wires for operation.

Since we tend to use power banks only when we’re desperate for battery–like when we’re at 1% but need to seal that uber ride before the screen goes dark–Zheng cut down the size and output of the power bank to allow for a slimmer build.

In conceptualizing Adsorb, Zheng also aimed to give the power bank a more emotive and appealing look, ditching the industrial tech look of typical power banks for a simultaneously eye-catching and discreet final look.

Without the need for wires, Adsorb attaches to the back of your smartphone via a grid of suctions, adhering to and merging with your smartphone to look like a purposeful design.

Adsorb was designed to appeal to everyone, with the conceptualization showcasing an array of different colors ranging from marbled yellow, to sky blue, dual-tone orange, heather gray, and even violet.

According to yankodesign