HyMag (formerly the Hyman Archive) is a British archive of popular publications based in London. 

The archive was established by James Hyman, who for over 30 years has been collecting magazines, pamphlets, newsletters, brochures, ephemera and other printed material.

The Hyman Archive contains over 4,500 individual title publications and over 120,000 individual issues, although the collection is still growing at approximately 30% per annum. The collection spans the period 1850 to the present day. More than 55% of the title publications are not to be found in the British Library. 

Independent publishers represent 75% of the title publications in The Hyman Archive. Condé Nast and Bauer Media are the two largest contributors to the Archive, representing 3% each of the total title publications. The United Kingdom represents approximately 55% of the title publications by territory, followed by the United States at 34%. 

The Hyman Archive, although curated and focused on popular culture, includes a broad-array of subject matter, including film, TV, music, music videos, art, fashion, architecture, interior design, trends, youth, lifestyle, women's and men's magazines, technology, sports, photography, counter-culture, graphics, animation, and comics.

In 2012, Hyman Archive  was officially recognized the Hyman Archive as the world’s largest collection of magazines. Back then it contained 50,953 magazines. Now it contains more than 120,000 individual issues, and continues to grow at around 30 percent per year.

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