Ban Na Ton Chan village is a small village surrounded by many Chan trees, and this is where the village name comes from. Here the people, especially the women, have created a new way of dyeing cloth with mud to create the famous Pa Mak Klon fabric.

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It originated from the fact that in the past when the farmers returned home after working in the fields, they noticed that the mud-soaked part of their clothes was softer than the rest. The discovery inspired them to create a new kind of fabric.

In this dyeing method, the threats are woven into traditionally patterned pha mak khlon, which are then immersed overnight in a container of filtered pond mud. After washing, the clothes are then overdyed in a boiling bath of either lac, the fruit of the ebony tree, or some other dyewood. This mud-dyed fabric has a natural color, creates beautiful patterns, and is extremely soft.

The fabric and the making process have become the main tourist attractions of the village. Tourists coming here will have a chance to admire how the people in the village weave cloth and soak the cloth in the mud, or be guided by the people to try weaving a cloth.

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