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Thailand was the first country in Southeast Asia to take Esports into University

For esports to thrive, people need to change their minds. Thailand understands this and has started a campaign to bring esports to universities. They...

[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights May 07, 2021 – “Brain glue” aids regeneration of neurons after traumatic injury

The material is designed to replicate the meshwork of sugars that support brain cells, by incorporating key structures that bind to basic fibroblast growth...

[WORLDKINGS] Daily Highlights May 07, 2021 – Echo-sounding used to count farmed fish – without all the hassle

Not only is periodically capturing some of the farmed fish difficult and time-consuming, it's also stressful to the animals, plus it doesn't always provide...

Razer (Singapore): The first Southeast Asia company that create gaming mouse and devices for gamers

  Razer was founded in the late 90s when the concept of gaming gear was still quite unclear and not as popular as it is...