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New frog species discovered in area of PT Freeport Indonesia

PT Freeport Indonesia (PTFI) Corcom VP, Riza Pratama, noted in a statement here on Saturday that the species, named Litoria lubisi, is a type...

Eco-Link@BKE (Singapore): The first highway ecological bridge in Southeast Asia

The first ecological bridge project in Singapore and Southeast Asia was completed in 2013. This $ 16 million bridge is built exclusively for wildlife,...

Meet the Buton tribe of Indonesia, whose people have dazzling blue eyes

Aside from their way of life, customs, and traditions, there isn't much to physically distinguish them from regular folk. But there's an Indonesian tribe...

Singaporeans encouraged to give e-hongbao this Chinese New Year as safer, environmentally friendlier option

  One way to send e-hongbao is via PayNow. Some Singaporeans prefer gifting new physical notes but these are often returned to the banks by...

The custom wearing polka dots clothes in the new year of Filipinos

Filipinos are very fond of circles. The circle is said to represent prosperity in this Southeast Asian country. Banquet tables often have fruit arranged...

Chinese New Year street light-up in Chinatown will be turned off for 4 days to reduce crowding

In a press release, MSE said the light-up along South Bridge Road, New Bridge Road and Eu Tong Sen Street will not be turned...

Southeast Asia’s largest Chinatown in Bangkok

( Chinatown in Bangkok is truly amazing. Visitors are fascinated by the hustle and bustle, the colorful lights and vibrant colors, the beautiful Chinese temples and the huge choice of street food. On a tour to the Chinese Quarter of Bangkok, you will get to know the Thai capital from a different side.

Obnas (Indonesia) – The largest observatory in Southeast Asia

( The largest such observatory in South-East Asia – with a 3.8m telescope – will be built on Mount Timau in Kupang, which is the biggest city on the island of Timor. The development is targeted to be completed by 2020.

Encore Melaka (Malaysia) : The largest permanent show theatre in Southeast Asia

( Nearly five years ago, Datuk Wira Boo Kuang Loon had a dream. He wanted to make his hometown Melaka the ultimate tourist destination. At a media preview event on May 28, hundreds of audience members witnessed the realisation of that impossible dream with Encore Melaka.

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Capitol Theater (Singapore): The first theater in Southeast Asia to have a rotating floor system for multiple purposes

The beauty and heritage of Capitol Theatre is discernible from the minute you step in. A sense of taste, refinement and savoir-faire befitting its...

Ramkhamhaeng Inscription (Thailand) : The oldest surviving inscription of Thai writing system in Southeast Asia

Thai, which is sometimes referred to as Siamese, is part of the Tai language family. The languages in this family belong to the much...

Ah Meng (Singapore): The first and only orangutan to be awarded the title of “Tourism Ambassador” in Southeast Asia

Ah Meng was the head of her small clan, which lives in a large enclosure with about twenty other orangutans. She had five children,...

Phsar Thom Thmei (Cambodia) : The market with the largest dome in Southeast Asia

Before the completion of Phsar Thmei in 1937, the area on which the market now stands was occupied by a swamp fed by runoff...