Chronic diseases are a serious challenge in the region, where 99 million people are diabetic or pre-diabetic and 116 million people have hypertension, including many with both conditions. Due to the high costs for care and the complexities of living with these diseases, most people struggle to maintain their treatment. For example, only 12% of people in Southeast Asia with hypertension have their condition under control.

Common Health addresses this by making products and services for people with chronic diseases more affordable, accessible, and convenient, starting with selling essential medicines with more affordable prices. The platform is now available in Myanmar and is accessible through, Facebook, Viber and a phone hotline.

All customers using the company’s platform will enjoy policies such as: buying drugs at a preferential price for each order, helping to save costs; drugs on the basis of which are the most used drugs to treat diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia in Myanmar; medicines are delivered to your door by a team trained in the safe handling of medical products, including “cold chain” items; ensure that all drugs have clear origins and are legally imported; get free telemedicine support, including a family-friendly family doctor and 24-hour on-call service for urgent matters.

The company has tested its chronic illness e-commerce platform in the cities of Yangon and Bago, and has received enthusiastic feedback from customers.

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