There, IKEA Bang Yai is strategically located right next to Greater Bangkok’s ring road and next to the end station of Purple Line metro, Talat Bang Yai station. And perhaps most importantly, this is the only Ikea store in the world that, with its 50,278 sqm, is fully integrated into a shopping centre.



Situated right next to the partner CentralPlaza Westgate this store has no less than six access points: three directly connected to the shopping centre, and three directly from the IKEA store.



The IKEA Bang Yai store is partially solar-powered. Its solar arrays comprising 4,548 photovoltaic cells mounted on the rooftop are capable of producing 1.5 megawatts per year, or about 13% of the building’s electricity needs. It is LEED certified for quality and achievement in green building features.




IKEA’s world’s largest store is located in South Korea. Opened in December 2014, the IKEA Gwangmyeong has 59,000 square meters of business space. The chain retail establishment has six stores in Southeast Asia — two in three in and one in Thailand. The Bang Yai store will be number 7 in the region.

According to Living Asean