To reach this post box is no easy task though. You need to hike 6 KM to 3,289 Meters above sea level, but this effort adds more sentimental value to your postcard. Once you arrive at Laban Rata Resthouse, the main accommodation for climbers of Mt. Kinabalu, you still need to climb 100 Meters of the staircase behind the resthouse to Pendant Hut, where the post box sitting next to.

Pendant Hut is the training center and accommodation operated by Mountain TORQ for Via Ferrata and alpine sport climbing courses. They are also appointed by POS Malaysia as its licensed agent to handle its post box.

This post box is installed next to Pendant Hut on 14 Feb 2015, and certified as the Highest Post Box of Malaysia (and probably Southeast Asia too) by Malaysia Book of Records. You can buy postcard and postal stamps from the office of Mountain TORQ in Pendant Hut. If you have prepared your postcard with stamp, do not drop it to this post box before you get the special Mt. Kinabalu post office ink-stamp (chop) from the same office.

There are a few special postcards printed with message “Sent from Pendant Hut”, which are ONLY available at Pendant Hut. Their postcards come with big (6.85 x 4.85 inches or 17.5 x 12.3 cm) and small (5.8 x 4.1 inches or 14.7 x 10.5 cm) sizes. Both cost the same (RM2.00 or USD0.60) so I recommend you to buy the big one.

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