First issued on 24 September 1924, Tamil Nesan was founded Mr. Narasimma Aiyangar and was printed at different locations. The Tamil Nesan was a paper catering to the ethnic Indian community in Malaysia, primarily Tamilians, serving its readers with a variety of political, religious, nation, world, educational and Tamil cinema news. It was published daily and approximately 20,000 copies were sold every day in Malaysia and Singapore.

The company grew under Mr. Parthasarath, son in law of the founder Mr. Narasimma Aiyangar. After Mr. Parthasarath, Mr. M.N. Malayandi Chettiar played a very important role for the growth of Tamil Nesan. In 1974, Tamil Nesan was registered with the Registrar of Companies by Mr. N.M. Nagappan, son of Mr. N. Malayandy Chettiar. The editor was Dato Athi Nahappan.

Tamil Nesan is published at the company’s plant in its head office at Batu Caves. The daily Tamil Nesan comprises 16 pages while the Sunday Tamil Nesan has a supplement, making a total of 28 pages.

Its distribution network consists of vendor based agency force of 400 agents and the paper is available at practically every outlet all over the country, particularly Peninsular Malaysia.

The paper ceased publication on 1 February 2019, citing 10 years of financial difficulties.

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