Opened in 2021, the facility has the capacity to recycle 14 tonnes of lithium-ion batteries – or the equivalent of 280,000 smartphone batteries per day, and can recover more than 90% of precious metals from lithium batteries- ions, such as lithium and cobalt, for reuse in the manufacture of new batteries.

Besides reducing the need for mining new precious metals, the battery recycling facility also reduces energy consumption in the battery production process. Most of the recycled metals at the plant come from smartphone and laptop batteries and can be reused at a level that is five to 10 times more energy-efficient than metals smelted from virgin ore.

Members of the public can drop off their e-waste at designated e-waste recycling bins in public areas such as schools, malls and offices. Examples of e-waste that can be recycled at these bins include laptops, mobile phones, keyboards, chargers and cables.

Up to now, this is the first lithium battery recycling plant in Singapore as well as in Southeast Asia.

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