According to the studio’s owners, the original idea of ​​founding the studio came from a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, on a rainy evening in August 2012. They gathered together, sharing their own experiences of traveling, wine tasting, and learning about interesting cultures. It was these moments that inspired Sip and Gogh to be born.

The fascinating life story of Van Gogh and his incredible masterpieces moved the owners of the studio and they decided to name the place as part of his honor.

To be able to participate in this “drinking and painting” session, you need to first make a reservation at the studio’s online website, select a branch, view the monthly calendar, select a free and available schedule, and paid for the available schedule. The reservation price of PhP1,000 includes rent for aprons, paints, canvas, painting materials, water glasses, food, and drinks.

You can choose to redraw a picture in the studio collection or draw whatever you like. At first, there will be studio assistants to teach simple color mixing skills as well as help sketch the first lines on the canvas so that the painting has the right proportions.

While drawing, you can sip a glass of wine or any other drink you like while talking with your family and friends, like a bonding session!

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