“Temple of a Million Bottles” is made from more than 1.5 million empty Heineken beer bottles and Chang beer bottles. The idea of ​​building this unique temple started with monks in Sisaket province, who believe that using this new material is the perfect solution, being both environmentally friendly and saving construction costs, and can also create a “unique” architecture that impresses visitors when coming here.

Although this idea is very unique, this also took the monks a lot of time to ask the people and the government to support the beer bottles. The temple was built in 1984 and completed 2 years later. In addition to the main temple, the monks also built 20 other sites on the temple grounds such as stupas, mission rooms, bell towers, sleeping quarters, water towers, public toilets, etc.

Even bottle caps are utilized to form wonderful mosaics of the Buddha in the interior areas. As residents continue to send in beer bottles, the monks intend to continue building more buildings.

According to diwerent.com