Entering the drawing room, you will see color everywhere, from the floor, the wall to the ceiling, chairs, tables, even the air conditioner, all filled with different colors.

Each participant will be given plastic overalls, slip-ons for their feet(shoes must be left outside to avoid staining), a canvas, and a few color boxes. After the staff takes you into the drawing room and states a few things to pay attention to, you can begin to concretize the picture you have in mind. Using brushes, fingers, hands, straws or simply splashing color on the canvas, you can do anything to bring your work to life.

After you finish the painting, it will be allowed to dry and then you can take it home and display it in the house!

This experience is suitable for everyone, from children to young people to those who want to “liberate” the child in their soul. Remember to buy tickets or book in advance if you go with a lot of people.

According to wegonative.com