The bespoke perfumery offers fun and engaging beginner’s perfume workshops where you can create your own fragrance drop by drop and learn more about the world of perfume through fun perfume-themed quizzes and trivia where participants may even win prizes. The workshops are designed for perfume novices so simply let your nose lead you!

Your olfactory journey begins with a simple “Perfume Personality Quiz” where you answer 20 questions about your likes and dislikes to help capture the essence of your personality so that you can match the perfume oils to your personality. Your answers will help to determine whether you are a “Citrus”, “Fresh”, “Floral”, “Woody” or “Oriental” (or a combination of two) perfume personality. Your answers are also tabulated and the respective numbers multiplied to determine how many drops of perfume oils to put into your signature scent.

Your personality quiz results are then explained along with a brief introduction to some basic perfumery concepts such as perfume pyramid, Michael Edwards’ Fragrance Wheel, and top, middle and base notes, as well as the Aroma Box in front of you. 

The Aroma Box contains 60 bottles of colour-coded perfume oils (made with orchid notes) that you will be using to concoct your signature scent. The perfume oils are colour-coded to represent the respective five olfactory or perfume categories of “Citrus”, “Fresh”, “Floral”, “Woody” and “Oriental”.

Start by sniffing the oils from your perfume personality category which has the highest number listed on your “Perfume Personality Quiz” sheet. Set aside your favourite scents from that perfume category before doing the same with the other categories.

Then add drops (according to the number listed on your “Perfume Personality Quiz” sheet) from your selected oils into your bottle of perfumer’s alcohol. You can always tweak your signature scent by adding more drops of a particular oil or reducing some oils or even doing away with some oils as you go along. 

Once you’re happy with your signature scent, your bottle will be topped up with the perfumer’s alcohol and capped with a hand crimper. When you leave, you will receive one 100ml crystal bottle (includes free engraving of your name with advanced booking), complete with box and carrier bag, and formula sheet.

The cost of a 2-hour workshop is $100/person, including all ingredients used to make perfume.

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