Iron Fairies KL is the biggest Iron Fairies to date and is truly the adult realization of our childhood fantasies. Inspired by a fairy-tale workshop, the décor is cast iron themed with intricate mouldings and accents creating a dark, den-like vibe while also being spectacular in its detail.

With the ceiling being lined with close to two million tiny glass bottles of fairy dust, this place has no shortage of magic. The cast iron walls and dark flooring are littered with peanut shells, which you are encouraged to chuck on the floor as if you are in a fairy workshop, pairs enchantingly with the sparkling fairy dust on the wall.

The second floor of the bar has more than 50,000 butterflies decorated on the ceiling, creating an enchanting feeling like you have just entered when the fairy forest of butterflies.

The drinks here also carry a mysterious name such as The Blue Fairy with its beautiful turquoise color, the Green Fairy with an attractive green color or the Trapping Tinkerbell served on a plate that automatically lights up when Drinks are placed on it.

The shop is located on Jalan Tun Razak Street in Kuala Lumpur, open from 5pm until late.

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