Famously nicknamed “Flying Chicken”, although the dishes here are nothing special or too delicious, it is the way they are served that sets this place apart from all the other eateries, not only in Thailand but also around the world.

Starting operation in 1986, Ka Tron has built a certain reputation, especially with the performance of the restaurant’s most famous “flying chicken” dish.

The chicken will be placed on a silver platter mounted on a catapult on a long platform raised a couple of feet above the ground in the middle of the outdoor dining area, and set on one of the several metal catapults. A waiter riding a unicycle makes his way to the platform and stops a few feet away of the loaded catapult. As he struggles to keep his balance and concentrate on what comes next, the edible projectile is set on fire and launched from the medieval artillery device. The chicken soars through the air and most often than not lands on metal skewers the waiter holds in both his hands, in his mouth and on his head.

After “flying”, the chickens will “land” on the table of the diners with a Thai flag in the place where its head used to be. The restaurant said these flying chickens have been soaked in a special sauce to enhance the flavor, but after watching such a unique performance, diners are not too strict with the taste anymore.

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