Paper lanterns in Hoi An, Vietnam

The lanterns have become an image associated with Hoi An city, a part of creating the “soul” of this once-famous port city.

Lanterns in Hoi An are rich and diverse, with many designs, colors, patterns, etc. depending on the purpose so that people can hang the appropriate type of lamp. Almost every house, shop, and restaurant has lanterns hanging in front of the door.

As soon as the sun goes down, the lights will be lit up and make the whole street next to the river light up with different colors. If you come to Hoi An to travel, try to stay overnight to see this beautiful scene.

Laser Light Shows in Marina Bay, Singapore

Every night, the Marina Bay Sands promenade lights up with a dazzling LED and laser light show, complete with orchestral music, fountain jets, and colourful visual arts. All create a party of music and brilliant lights.

The show is called Spectra – the outdoor light and water show that [tells] the story of Singapore’s transformation into the multicultural cosmopolitan city that she is today. The show takes place every night so you can see it any day of the week.

Twirling fire dancers in Boracay, Philippines

You will feel overwhelmed by the choking and dangerous fire dances of the dancers, as well as amazed by the skills and the variety of tricks that the dancers master while swirling the fireballs around their bodies while avoiding getting burned by the hot ends of the chains.

Occasionally the dancers would invite one or several tourists are asked to step onto the stage while several performers start swinging the fire chains around their bodies. If you like to experience activities with a bit of risk, don’t miss becoming a volunteer!

Flashy cabaret shows in Chiang Mai, Thailand

A firm favourite would have to be the Chiang Mai Cabaret Show. When you walk in, there is a feeling of anticipation as the lights shine on the velvet curtain, the lights dim, the music starts, and the show begins.

“Ladyboys” are the cabaret’s main draw – “This talented troupe of artists takes you on a journey of song, dance and comedy, that leaves you breathless,” the couple tell us. “It is a show full of glamour, energy and just a touch of the risqué.

Traditional puppetry in Mandalay, Myanmar

“The Mandalay Marionette Theatre puts on a nightly show at 8:30pm for those who want a glimpse of this aspect of the Burmese culture. The show is performed by four skilled puppeteers who use traditional Burmese puppets to tell the myths and legends of the country and religion.

The one-hour show is accompanied by live, traditional music. 

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