The mall was opened on 13 November 2019 and is connected to Ikea Tebrau, Johor Bahru’s largest Ikea store. The 116.128 square meter shopping mall, owned and operated by the Swedish furniture giant, is called “Toppen” in Swedish, meaning “the best”.

In addition to the retail stores, the mall has an e-sports game center called The Pantheon, a rooftop garden, a children’s water playground, a skate park and rock climbing wall, and more.

Especially, the TGV cinema located here is home to Southeast Asia’s largest Flexound Augmented Audio system. Flexound is a company based in Finland whose new sound reinforcement technology system is integrated into all 140 seats in the cinema, making it possible for viewers to experience sound from other senses.

The ticket price of this theater is not announced directly on the theater’s website, but it seems that the price of this theater is around RM 18 or more.

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