As a proptech start-up that was only founded in early 2021 and backed by Y Combinator, Uwi Homes began to be recommended when family members of overseas Filipinos and Filipino Americans identified the pain point in home financing.

Founders Joseph Tan, Henry Yeh, Rex Rodriguez, and Rubi Concepcion came together to form a digital mortgage broker that’s democratizing access to housing loans in the Philippines. Serving aspiring homeowners, lenders, and developers alike, Uwi Homes is positioning itself as a game-changer in the Philippine home loan industry—and in how Filipinos perceive housing loans. 

Through its tech-enabled platform, Uwi Homes does the majority of the leg work for aspiring homeowners. You only need to fill out the website’s form that will gather property, work, income/debt, and loan information. Once that’s settled, Uwi Homes will calculate whether you qualify for pre-approval, and once you do, it will connect you to the lenders in its portfolio and get you underwritten within minutes.

As a mortgage broker, Uwi Homes doesn’t offer loans, but it will connect you to the people who do. Instead of having to apply at each and every bank separately, the platform lets you do all you need to do in one online space, bypassing repetitive paperwork and excessive bureaucratic systems. 
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