Wat Samphran or The Dragon Temple, is located about 40 kilometres west of the city centre of Bangkok in Nakhon Pathom. Somehow this excessive architectural wonder has not found its place on the tourist map.



This marvel of Thai architecture and Chinese culture in the Samphran district was built 80 meters tall to honor the number of years Buddha lived, and it was used by monks as a place to study and meditate. Its construction took only five years.



Founded by Bhavana Buddho, the pink shrine of Wat Samphran is known for its giant encircling dragon. The creature is made of iron and glass fiber and its hollow construction, which includes a tunnel and stairs, allows visitors to climb to the top. However, do note that the stairs have deteriorated over the years and now only certain sections of the hollow dragon can be visited.



Still, you can try your luck climbing the stairs where possible to explore the interiors of the dragon, and when you’d like to make it to the top of the tower, you can use the elevator inside which has been installed for visitors.



At the base of the temple, you will find traditional Thai prayer pots. These pots are said to bring wealth, love, and eternal happiness to all those who can toss a coin inside. Beyond the famous tower, the garden surrounding the temple is also a must-see. A trail leads visitors around the complex taking them past various statues such as dolphins, tigers, elephants, a rabbit, and a turtle.


Not only attracting domestic tourists, but also in Southeast Asia, the temples also have a strange attraction to foreign tourists. They are impressed not only by the sacredness and legends surrounding each temple but also by the extremely unique and impressive architectural features.



According to The Vale Magazine