Hurien’s microorganisms generate enzymes that rapidly decompose and destroy food waste. It is optimized to decompose the food that people often eat because it plays a good role in separating amino acids, protein components.


What happens if you open the lid while the stirrer is still running? Hurien’s warning system will keep you safe. Once you open the lid, the stirrer stops running so you can stay safe. Furthermore, if you don’t close it, beep sounds occur every ten seconds so that you can avoid any possible mistakes.

If any defects occur while using electrical appliances, you can’t exactly know the problem unless you are an expert. Even if you contact the service center, it is sometimes complicated to explain abnormal use points. However, Hurien will alert that by itself.


You don’t have to worry about the waste of power or microorganisms even if you go on a trip or you don’t have time to check inside the Hurien due to busyness. Hurien automatically goes into sleep mode if you do not open the cover for 72 hours.


While the first step of catching odor is a deodorizing device, the 2nd step is a UV sterilizer. Considering that the deodorizing device only might not be enough, we added UV-C sterilization functionality to make it safer and more comfortable to use. The filter located next to the UV lamp serves to filter out any harmful dust if it happens to be generated during food recycling.

According to Kickstarter