The milestone, a first for Southeast Asia, took place at the Asia-Potash International Investment mine in Khammouane province, 350 km from Laos’ capital Vientiane. During the call, the worker was able to chat with colleagues located 3,500 away in Beijing.

Asia-Potash International Investment is one of the largest potassium fertilizer producers in Asia, with one million tons of output expected in 2022. Implementing Huawei’s Smart Mining Solution, it is Asia-Potash’s first smart mine in southeast Asia.

Production capacity has greatly increased at the site in recent years, with headcount growing from hundreds to over 3,000 staff. To bettermanage the increased scope of operations, the company plans to introduce several technical upgrades that will boost productivity as well as site safety. Fast communications are the foundation for enabling these upgrades.

In future, operators will comfortably sit in offices above ground, remote-controlling mining vehicles that are operating hundreds of meters below in heat, dust, and humidity. QC will be performed using automated techniques largely based on machine vision AI. And the scheduling of potash transportation vehicles is constantly being optimized based on demand. These technologies will all require high bandwidth, low latency communications systems to provide full coverage throughout the site.

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