Located in the heart of Parkview Square – a 144-meter tall building in the Downtown Core planning area, Atlas Bar celebrates the rich food and beverage traditions of the 1920s. The design of the Atlas Bar is based on Art Décor style, bringing a sense of luxury to customers when coming here to enjoy great drinks.

The soaring 50-foot high lobby boasts elaborate ceiling murals painted in an Art Nouveau style depict animals such as antelopes, deer, and jaguars, representing regality. Playing off the idea of royalty, a color palette of aubergine, maroon, and peacock blue dominate the floor. But the real crown jewel is the dramatic 26-foot gilded gin tower, which has been designed with custom backlighting to highlight all of the individual bottles.

The bar opens from 10 am, so guests can come here early to enjoy coffee or afternoon tea before moving on to the drinks of the evening. Drink highlights include elegant European cocktails and one of Asia’s finest collections of gin, spirits and champagne sourced from around the world.

Here, the drink menu resembles that of an encyclopedia and is made up of more than 80 pages. Its extensive offering of more than 1,200 gins is broken down by country, coming from all corners of the world ranging from the suspected (England, Australia, USA) to the unexpected (Moldova, Sri Lanka, Argentina). The oldest in-stock dates back to 1900—a Wynand Fockink Genever from the Netherlands—while the most expensive is a rare bottle of Bell Sec Dry Gin (London) from the 1910s, which costs S$188 (about $139) for a pour. And for those who enjoy a great cocktail, Atlas has an array of mixed drinks including classic martinis and G&Ts as well as creative tipples using a variety of liquors.

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