Considered as one of the biggest telco companies in Cambodia, Cellcard services over four million customers with nationwide coverage and an expansive dealer and distribution network.

In 2020, Cellcard became the first business in Southeast Asia to offer the option to convert digital currency into mobile phone top-ups.

The move comes after partnering up with Electroneum, a firm based in UK that offers a digital payment ecosystem through its smartphone application.

Users who stay active on the Electroneum app could generate Electroneum Rewards (ETN Rewards) valued at about $3 per month and these can be converted into phone top-ups with Cellcard.

Cellcard CEO Ian Watson said the initiative aims to reward customers, provide customers with more value and benefits when participating in the Cellcard network, as well as improve digital literacy.

Electroneum CEO Richard Ells said his team is excited to work with Cellcard in Cambodia, following the successful launch of the Electroneum App in Brazil, Turkey and four African countries.

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