Christine Ha, a Vietnamese-American girl, 33 years old, a former student at the University of Houston, is also a famous food blogger. But by the age of 19, she lost her sight due to a rare autoimmune disease called Neuromyelitis Optica. Since then, her vision has been severely affected, at first, she lost vision in one eye, then spread to the other eye. She began to learn to do everything with a cane, as well as relying on someone to guide her.



Despite going through many hardships, she still did not give up her dream of becoming a chef, she got used to everything by using her nose, tongue, and ears to feel, then she learned to manage and cook without need help. In the process of learning to cook, Christine Ha realizes a lot of interesting things as well as difficulties to have delicious dishes, suitable for many diners’ tastes. She is constantly researching and creating new dishes to invite her friends to enjoy, from here cooking becomes an integral part of her life.

Christine Ha registered to participate in the American Masterchef program in 2012 and the results of the contest created a new turning point in her life. During the competition, she surprised and admired the audience and judges with her ability to prepare and cut vegetables as well as her cooking skills.

The results of the contest were announced and Christine Ha became the owner of the championship prize worth $ 250,000, a contract to write a cookbook, and the prestigious Masterchef trophy.