In 2017, ClassIn launched its first product, now ClassIn X, that provides an online-merge-offline (OMO) learning experience, competitive with other platforms like Zoom, Adobe Connect, Webex Meetings, Schoology, etc.

ClassIn’s platform is more optimized than other business software, with pedagogical factors at the forefront. Teachers can create tests right in the classroom, assign and grade papers easily, and encourage students to participate in speech through the reward system. Teachers also know the level of student understanding thanks to a series of teaching tools built into the application. In addition, ClassIn also helps teachers to take attendance of students, and send each student’s study report to parents to easily track the progress of their children’s learning.

In December 2020, ClassIn announced a $265 million Series C funding provided by Hillhouse Capital’s GL Ventures. Nowadays, ClassIn has provided service for over 60,000 clients, with more than 20 million monthly users in 150 countries.

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