Onda’s journey into the depths began with a passion for the mysteries of the ocean. Born and raised in the Philippines, a country archipelago surrounded by vast bodies of water, Onda developed an early fascination with the sea. This fascination evolved into a career dedicated to understanding the intricate ecosystems and unexplored territories lying beneath the waves.

Deo Florence Onda. Source: Interaksyon

The achievement that catapulted Onda into the spotlight occurred when he successfully reached the deepest point in the ASEAN region, an area known as the Sunda Trench.

Onda was one of the first 2 people to travel to the deepest point of Southeast Asia.
Source: The Summit Express

Sunda Trench located in the Indian Ocean, this trench plunges to depths of over 7,000 meters, making it one of the most challenging and least explored oceanic zones on the planet.

To their surprise, they found naught but plastic trashes at the bottom of the ocean.

Source: Wikihubs24

Knowing the importance of balancing the marine ecosystem, after getting back shore, Onda has been actively advocating for the green earth and promoting programs that teach the youth more about the ocean as well as preserving our oceans.

Source: CNN Philippines