Labyrinth takes inspiration from many Singaporean classic dishes, but turns them into the most modernized and elegant versions of themselves. Chef Han Li Guang’s food is constantly evolving and every meal here feels different, yet the core of his ideas stem from dishes that you find along the streets of Singapore, as well as a tribute to his grandparents, recalling countless memories and emotions.

The set menu has multiple small, fun bites, all of which are constantly being updated and changed out. Most of these snacks are based on items that you’d probably recognise if you spend time eating local food – like Hae Mee Tng, or prawn noodles. The only constant on the menu is Chef Han’s chilli crab ice cream, currently in its eighth iteration.

Besides using local hawker food as inspiration for his menu, Chef Han also displays art from several local artists, including a piece that lights up to display the map of the MRT train lines.

The restaurant has been on the list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants since 2021 and won the Sustainable Restaurant Award in 2021, Labyrinth recently added to its list of awards the title ” Highest Climber Award 2023” after rising 29 places from 40th in 2022 to 11th in 2023.

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