Born and raised in Singapore, Louisa Lim was passionate about the culinary arts from a young age and moved to Paris to study at the famous culinary school Le Cordon Bleu.

Lim cut her teeth at Hexagone and Histoires in Paris, the restaurants of famed French chef Mathieu Pacaud, where she went from intern to pastry commis within a year and a half. Her next challenge was at the chef’s latest flagship, Apicius, where she played a key role in the creation of a new dessert menu.

Upon her return to Singapore, she joined the team of chefs at Singapore’s most upscale French cuisine restaurant, Odette, in 2019 as a pastry chef.

With an innate ability to create sweet courses that will appeal to Odette’s international customers, Lim focuses on harmony and balance when creating desserts, achieving this through the surprising juxtaposition of contrasting flavours.

Her desserts have certainly contributed to Odette’s success in recent years, providing an intriguing, light and enchanting final chapter to each diner’s meal. Because of that, she was honored with the award “Best Pastry Chef in Asia 2023”.

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