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Ocean Marina Jomtien is located at 9 Sukhumvit Road, Na Chom Thian, Chon Buri, 20250. Situated on the Gulf of Thailand, our marina adheres to international standards and is equipped with excellent amenities. With over 450 modern berths, Ocean Marina Jomtien is the largest marina in Southeast Asia and is the gateway to yachting life in the Gulf of Thailand.

Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show combines business with sustainability

At Ocean Marina Jomtien, we provide customers with the perfect yachting experience. Customers can relax and enjoy yachting life at one of Asia’s top destinations. We also organize various events and activities related to yachting, enabling customers to explore and experience yachting life.

Ocean Marina Resort Pattaya Jomtien เปิดใหม่พัทยา วิวท่าเรือยอร์ชสุดหรู –  Me Story : เที่ยวแบบกรู

In addition to providing yachting services, Ocean Marina Jomtien also owns the Ocean Marina Resort Pattaya Jomtien. This resort is an ideal destination for friends and families wanting to experience the essence of Jomtien beach. From fine dining to yachting adventures and luxurious holidays, lift anchor and set sail to our newly refurbished marina resort; your next gateway to relaxation, indulgence, and exploration.

นอนโรงแรมหรูเปิดใหม่ วิวท่าเรือยอร์ช ที่ Ocean Marina Resort Pattaya  Jomtien - Pantip

Ocean Marina Jomtien is not just a marina, but also an entertainment and resort center, providing customers with the perfect yachting and resort experience.