Udon Thani province can be considered the capital of Thai people of Vietnamese origin with more than 60,000 people. The Vietnamese community here has gone through more than 70 years of formation and development, living in harmony, unity, and cohesion, and still maintaining the traditional cultural features of the nation and the spirit of looking towards the homeland, the country.

Formation of Vietnam Town

The formation of Vietnam Town is the inevitable development of the Thai community of Vietnamese origin in Udon Thani province. The project is a collaboration between the Provincial Government, the Udon Thani City Government, and the Association of Thai People of Vietnamese Origin in Udon Thani province. The Udon Thani City Government has allocated a budget of 3 million baht (2.1 billion VND) to serve the refurbishment of roads, sidewalks, and other basic infrastructure of the Vietnamese Street.

Prospects of Vietnam Town

Once completed, Vietnam Town is expected to become the cultural center of Vietnamese people in Northeast Thailand. It will also be a place to preserve the traditional culture of Vietnam, attracting a large number of tourists, especially overseas Vietnamese in Thailand, Laos, and Vietnamese people.

Vietnam Town is not just a construction project but also a manifestation of national pride and love for the homeland of Vietnamese people in Thailand. This project not only contributes to the socio-economic development of the locality but also serves as a cultural bridge between Vietnam and Thailand, contributing to tightening the friendship between the two countries.