Established on August 17, 1974, the company is present and operating in 35 countries. As of the end of March 2005, the Group comprised 103 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 19 partly owned outfits and 57 associated companies. 

According to this year’s Brand Finance Global 500 report by, Petronas still maintains its position as the most valuable brand in Southeast Asia and is among the 10 Oil and Gas brands in the world.

The group’s Brand Strength Index (BSI) – judged on a brand’s performance, focusing on intangible measures relative to its competitors – increased from 87 in 2021 to 87.7 in 2022, resulting in its ranking as the top ASEAN brand. 

Brand Finance attributes Petronas’ position to its consistent brand performance, contributing to a Brand Value of US$13.6 billion in 2022 from US$12 billion in 2021, an increase of 13 percent. This achievement is also driven by the rise in energy demand as the global economy recovers post-pandemic, enabling it to bounce back from last year’s challenges in the oil and gas sector.  

Three key components were used in calculating a brand’s value, which is determined by the brand’s strength, business, and economic outlook. 

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