PituRooms, Salatiga – Updated 2024 Prices
With a width of just 2.8 meters, PituRooms is not only a unique architectural feat but also a symbol of creativity and determination.

PituRooms opened its doors in December 2022. The five-story hotel houses seven rooms. Each room is spacious enough for a double bed and a small bathroom with a shower and toilet. Each room offers a different experience thanks to the furnishings and local artwork.

World's thinnest' hotel - Vietnam.vn

Despite the building is intentionally made “thinnest”, each rooms of PituRooms still meet the requirements of a comfy-and-cozy hotel room thanks to the difference in decorations and themes. A big bonus is the majestic view of a mountain and other sort of green out of the window, this brings the sense of relaxation and attracts more tourists to come besides its significant feature of the building.

PituRooms - Hotel di Salatiga dengan Arsitektur Unik dan Menarik - PITUROOMS

The hotel’s owner, Mr. Ary Indra, says the project aims not only to set a world record but also to attract international tourists to the little-known town. Mr. Indra hopes PituRooms is the first of many projects that will show foreign visitors that Salatiga is more than just a slow-paced town.

PituRooms, Salatiga – Updated 2024 Prices

In addition to the hotel rooms, PituRooms also has a rooftop restaurant serving locals. PituRooms also plans to host events and art exhibitions.

With its uniqueness and creativity, PituRooms is not just an architectural highlight but also a symbol of the development and innovation of tourism in Salatiga, Indonesia.