This first Esports Hotel of Southeast Asia is designed and built by SEM9 – a famous Malaysian e-sports organization, along with sponsored by two organizations SEAGM and Aiken Digital. The hotel is only a 3-minute walk from Senai International Airport, an extremely convenient location to attract tourists.

“SEM9 Senai proffers the ultimate in comfort, marrying form and function to meet the toughest of needs of not just the best esports teams worldwide, but also to cater to guests of all kinds with a bevvy of gaming and non-gaming rooms,” said SEM9 chairman Tommy Chieng.

Guests can experience the best of a game’s visual splendour with ultra-high-performance gaming computers powered by the latest Nvidia graphics, comfortable gaming chairs, and gaming peripherals. The entire hotel is fitted with high-speed broadband and mobile internet access, be it via WiFi or cable. Console and mobile gamers won’t feel left out either as there are rooms fitted with a PlayStation 5 and DualSense wireless controllers.

If you’re a SEM9 Esports athlete or fan, you can head to the SEM9 Senai Merchandise Zone to shop for the SEM9 eSports team’s exclusive e-sports jerseys and collections.

SEM9 Senai Esports Hotel has officially come into operation since June 2022. The hotel has 122 rooms with prices ranging from 150 – 220 RM depending on whether you rent for half a day or a day (gaming rooms can only be rented from half a day to a day).

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