Maspion was founded in 1962 from a small home industry that produced kitchen equipment, managed by Alim Husin and his partner Gunardi Go. The number of employees at that time was only eight people and could produce about 300 dozen per day. Starting from this small business, the founder gradually grew it into the large industrial conglomerate it is today.

In 1970, Alim Husin’s company was so successful that he designed a new name and logo, changing the name of the company to MASPION, which in Indonesian is a short abbreviation from the phrase “M engajak A nda S elalu P ercaya I ndustri O lahan N asional” (“Inviting You to Always Trust the National Industry”). Towards the end of the 70s, the company began to produce household furniture with plastic materials such as buckets, pots, baking sheets, etc.

In 1974, the company started manufacturing PVC pipes and fittings. Since 1975, Maspion also started to develop the business of household electrical appliances as well as stainless steel kitchenware.

In 2022, Maspion Holdings becomes the official sponsor of AFF Mitsubishi Electric Cup 2022 selected by Mitsubishi Electric, along with Gree, Wuling, Mercedes-Benz, Tiger Brokers and Yanmar.

Up to now, Maspion Group has expanded its business activities into 8 main business categories: Consumer Products Services, Industrial Consumer Products, Construction and Building Materials, Hotels, Real Estate Commerce and Industry, Banking, Commerce and Distribution, Infrastructure and Energy, as well as many other businesses.

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