On 07/21/2016, Singapore is proud to have become the country with the first two street eateries in Southeast Asia to receive a Michelin star – the prestigious award in the food industry previously rated only for luxurious and high-end restaurants. The two eateries that set these records are Mr. Chan Hong Meng's Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle and Tang Chay Seng's Hill Street Tai Hwa Noodle.


These two street eateries have abolished all of Michelin's previous strict grading principles by only assessing the standards of food quality and food service at luxurious and high-end restaurants, where they can meet at least two above criteria.


At these two stalls, food is placed in glass cabinets, meat hangs on racks, and food is often serviced by taking away because of lack of seats. Although they may not meet all the standards of service or menu, these street food stalls convey a range of flavors that luxury restaurants cannot have.


Although the menu at these two eateries is quite popular among the Chinese community in Singapore, Mr. Chan and Mr. Tang's dishes still stand out due to handmade noodles, thick sauce or rich broth which could not be simulated in nowhere.


At Tang Chay Seng's Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle stall, guests have to wait about 45 minutes to be served, but that does not discourage them.


For the Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle stall, Mr. Chan Hong Meng partners with Hersing Culinary to expand his business into a quick-service but low prices Hawker Chan restaurant. Mr. Chan also added to the menu new dishes to meet the needs of the dinners. Currently Hawker Chan has 12 franchised restaurants in 6 countries around the globe. 

Source: Internet